Mobile App Development

Smart devices are currently the most popular technology devices in the world with over 2.1 billion users. With such a huge market comes a huge opportunity for business owners. The world is now fast paced and STI ensures clients can keep up to speed via developing mobile applications for their businesses. STI places client’s products and services on the go for consumers and users. With our mobile application, client’s customers don’t have to wait long to get a product or service as they can do so from anywhere they are.

STI also develops its own personal application to help solve various social economic problems in African countries and the world at large. Our apps are built for android, apple and windows devices. We design ecommerce apps, game apps, school apps, dating apps, business apps, food apps, social sharing apps, health apps etc. The mobile apps revolution is here and here to stay the question is, ARE YOU READY?

Our mobile applications offer benefits such as global advertising for businesses, product placement, incremental sales, brand visibility, better relationship and connectivity between businesses and their consumers, easy access to reward systems as well as better effective communication from businesses to their users.