CCTV Installation

STI offers high quality online day and night security services such as CCTV installation for video surveillance. We provide wireless video surveillance with audio recording, remote viewing via cloud, micro SD video recording function and high quality pixels. Customers using our CCTV solution enjoy 24/7 video surveillance with motion sensor and clear images. Our cameras can be mounted virtually anywhere with no network cable thanks to its wireless N functionality. We make use of high quality cameras procured from the best surveillance equipment manufacturers in the world to ensure we never compromise on the quality of products and services offered to our clients. We install the Network video software on a PC so clients can monitor and record videos continuously via schedule, alarm or motion detection. The recorded videos can be viewed via android phones/tablets, windows phone/tablets, iphones, ipads, laptops and desktops. We make use of high quality cameras with integrated infrared tech for enhanced night vision and motion detection.